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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs

When Mercy tries to return a book she was lent by a Fae, she finds his bookstore locked up.     Not much later, several people try to approach her about the book.    Something’s clearly happened to the real owner, and Mercy’s on the case.

At the same time, some members of the local pack are not very happy that their leader, Adam, made Mercy his mate, and they’re using the pack bond that she’s now a part of to manipulate her.     The only non-pack member in the area, her friend Samuel, is also acting strangely.     It’s pretty much up to Mercy to figure this out on her own, to keep the pack from tearing itself apart (or so she thinks).

The Fae side story in this book was interesting- I definitely like how that part of this world is developing.      And I do really like Mercy and Adam’s relationship.     It’s not easy, but in a really relatable way (well, ok, as much as it can be between a werewolf and a coyote skin shifter – but trust me on this).      

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