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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Cold Sheep

I gave up posting about Cold Sheet on Ravelry ages ago, since I wasn't knitting much all summer, but I do still want to do a wrap up.

I started the year with 13028.10 yards and 648 grams (for yarn I didn't know the yardage for) at the beginning of the year.   I ended with 11145.20 yards and 588 grams.    That is a net loss for the year.    That did vary a bit over time, but I was good this year.  

My major plan was to become more mindful of my spending, and I did accomplish that.    My purchases this year were a big order at the beginning of the year to fill out several planned projects, souvenir yarn in London, yarn to make a blanket for my new niece, and just last week, I bought some minis to accent the base color yarn I already had for a hat I want to make.    I think that trip was a great indicator of mindfulness.  I went to Tess', because I knew she had minis in the weight I needed.    And since I was in the middle of finishing out the last skein of her sock yarn, I allowed myself to buy another one of those.    So I got out of there having laid down a third of what I did the last time I went in.

I also added to the stash by frogging two projects I was not wearing, but still thought I could make something useful from the yarn.    I've already reused one of those yarns, and the other will be part of a project I'll be kicking off in the new year.     So that was part of the increase, but it was an increase I could feel good about.

I'll not officially do Cold Sheep next year, but I am going to continue to track my yardage - it's a good way to keep myself honest.

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