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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blood Red - Mercedes Lackey

The Elemental Masters series are all set in the turn of the last century, and meld fairy tales with elemental magic in that timeframe.    Most of them have been set in England, but this book is set in Germany and Transylvania, and features Red Riding Hood, Werewolf Hunter.

More seriously, Rosamund’s parents brought her to live in the Schwarzwald forest when she was very young, because it was very obvious that she had strong Earth magic, and that living the poisoned land of the city was killing her.   Once in the Schwarzwald, Rosa was taught by her adopted grandmother, until the day that she was killed by a werewolf.    After that, Rosa was taken in by the forest’s Hunt Master, and taught the magical skills of the Hunt.   She grows up to be a renowned Hunter of shape shifters.   As her renown grows, other Lodges come to her for help, and so she finds herself in Transylvania, facing perhaps the greatest evil she has or ever will face.

This was a good direction to take Red Riding Hood – the meat of that story really only features in the prologue – this actual story is about how that experience has scarred the adult Rosa, and if she can overcome that terrible day to be able to accept help from a very unlikely source.     Another great outing in this series.

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