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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm, Newbury, MA

Here's another Historic New England property to check off our list.    This farm has been continuously farmed since the mid-1600s, which is incredibly impressive by US standards.    It's also a brick home built in 1690, which is also incredibly impressive by US standards.    

Historic New England has done a really good job of showcasing the layers of the home, and you get a more or less personal tour - there aren't set times for the guided tours, and if there are just two of you (we got there when it opened), and it's clear you're history and old house geeks, you get to do cool things like go up in the attic, which had ship graffiti from the 1800s carved in the walls.   Oh, and they've taken on a number of elderly farm animals from the Mass SPCA, who you can go visit.     Really cool stop on a Saturday morning.

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