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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Knitting Notes

I'm on the last day of a three day blocking extravaganza for the Vivid blanket.   While it is to open up the pattern, it's also to make the squares a bit bigger.   Unblocked, I would have liked to have added one more square per color, but I did not have enough yarn to make that happen.   Once the last batch dries (so tomorrow at the earliest), I'll start sewing these together.

I do seem to have my knitting mojo back, after losing it in this summer's heat.    I started the second Traveling Stitch Legwarmer on Saturday, and also bought a sweater pattern to use the Knightsbridge yarn from the frogged February Lady sweater in.   I swatched that last night, so just need to print out the pattern to get going on that.   (Though I'll likely wait until the blanket is done to start.)

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