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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Garden Notes

The original plan was to at least start on the leaves in the yard this weekend.    They're not terrible yet, but they've definitely started.

However, it rained heavily both Friday and Saturday, and I am not a glutton for punishment.    So they've got a reprieve for at least a week.

In other news, I found the drip line in the side garden.    It's been conspicuously absent for most of this year.

I do have some mulch in the garage, and once everything dies back completely, I plan to put that out.   We also have some old stones from the old fish tanks, and were considering lining the drip line with those.

I also badly need to trim the rose - it's definitely encroaching on the first floor windows.    Fortunately, that's all year old wood, so the rose won't miss it next year.

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