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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Garden Notes

So the weather turned on a dime about a week ago.     It got cool.    And cloudy.   Not a whole lot of actual rain, still.    But the cool is weird.    I feel like I usually transition to shorts vs. pants every other day for while, but I had a sudden day where pants were necessary, and it never changed back.

The tomato's probably showing the change the most, though it is still producing.

The kale still looks amazing.  I will definitely be growing this again, for architectural value alone.   I'm also so pleased with the shishito peppers.    That's another thing that'll go into regular rotation.

In other news, they're putting in a community garden about two blocks away, so I've added myself to the waiting list.   I'd never even bothered with the waiting list before, because I figured anything where I had to cross one of the major traffic arteries was not going to get proper weekday attention.    This is literally two blocks down on the side street of my side street, so I can walk it, and not have to cross either Brighton or Congress.  

They're doing a gathering on the 15th to set up the plots.    I have no idea what the waiting list is like (there's an overall waiting list for the city, but you're allowed to specify that you only want a plot in a particular garden, so I have no idea what that really means.)    There will be 40 plots at the new one (though I'll admit I'm having trouble visualizing how those are all going to fit - the 15th should be educational).   So I'll definitely go to the set up party, and see where things go from there.

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