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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Foxglove Summer - Ben Aaronovitch

Two girls have been abducted in the Hereford countryside.    When this happens, the office of the Metropolitan Police in charge of supernatural situations (aka the Folly) always follows up with the local magic practitioners, just to make sure they’re not involved.     Which is how PC Peter Grant finds himself in the country.  Once there, it’s all hands on deck, and Peter offers his services.     Which turns out to be a very good thing, because there ends up being supernatural involvement.

I really enjoyed this book.    It’s the first one in the series not set in London, and it’s nice to see the differences.    (Like the River Teme and her family – very different than the two families of the River Thames.)    It’s also a bit of an interlude, much needed I think after the rather serious ending to the previous book.    It sounds like the action around the main thread of the story should be picking up quite seriously in the next book, so it was nice to see some down time.     There were also some interesting hints at what kind of powers the river gods really have.      I’m definitely excited to see what’s coming next.      This is my favorite series in years.

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