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Friday, September 23, 2016

Tender - Nigel Slater

After plowing through Slater’s Ripe, I had to go back and get the book he wrote before that, which dealt with vegetables, instead of fruit.   And I again found this to be one of the rare cookbooks I can read from cover to cover.   However, it’s a little less useful to me than Ripe was, because the way that vegetables behave through a British winter is very different than how they behave in a Maine winter.    In other words, short of buying a heated greenhouse, I will never have a winter crop of anything.      So my seasonality is not the seasonality of this book – therefore, the gardening tips are not so useful to me.   (Fruit seasons are more similar, so Ripe was still seasonally familiar to me.)

Still, the gardening was evocative and inspirational on some levels, and I still enjoyed the recipes.    So it’s still a worthwhile book for my collection, even if Ripe is a better fit.

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