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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kennebec Range Lights, Arrowsic, ME

Yesterday was Maine Open Lighthouse Day, so we headed up the coast to the Bath area to check out a few lighthouses.

You'll notice there are two lighthouses above, one of which is up a pathway, on land.    The idea is that a ship coming up the Kennebec should see the further light's light on top of the nearer light's light, and if the alignment was off at all, they were no longer in the channel.

The channel actually makes a sharp left at the foot of these lights - the last picture is a fog tower, taken from the the waterside light.    Just up the channel from the fog tower is a sharp right hand turn, which is where the next light (Doubling Point) is located.    All these lights are located down a dirt round on a point, and I would never have guessed they were out there had they not been on the Lighthouse website.

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