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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Keeping Place - Isobelle Carmody

Elspeth Gordie has been left in charge of Obernewtyn while Rushton is away, and the responsibility weighs heavily upon her.    Events in the outside world are also moving along – the Rebellion, which had previously rejected the help of the Misfits is now asking them to join their fight.    And complicating matters, Elspeth and some of the other Misfits are dreaming about a Dragon who probably means to harm the Misfits.

I really need to try and track down the rest of the books in this series and read them more closely together – I really had to work to reorient myself into this world, it’s been so long since I’d read the last book.     And I really enjoy this series when I get back into it – it deserves more attention.

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