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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Smoke and Ashes - Tanya Huff

This book really shouldn’t work.     It’s about a wizard, who happens to be a Trainee Assistant Director on a vampire show filming in Vancouver, and a Demon Convergence.   Oh, and it turns out their freelance stuntwoman is actually an immortal demon gate, so if she dies, the demongate will open, and her master will take over the world.   (Oh, and his ex is the vampire son of Henry VIII.)

It’s actually a really good time, because poor Tony never asked for any of this, more or less has no idea what he’s doing, and is just trying to do the best job that he can.     Fortunately, his friends and coworkers like him, and want to help.     So what could have been completely implausible ends up being a great story because you just need to know who’s going to go against orders next, how many more ways Tony will find to injure himself, and can they save the world?

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