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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The British Museum, London, England

We spent our last full day in London wandering around the British Museum.    This was a strategic decision - we weren't walking over a wide area, and they do provide regular places to sit down.    Even, so BF tapped out not long after lunch, so K and I ended up heading off for yarn.

The above is a very random assortment of things I find interesting.    Like the storm trooper scarab.     And the Assyrian trees and river (I was pretty much ignoring the armies large enough to destroy all things that were really the point of those carvings.    Can you tell where my interesting lie?)

That evening, we went out to St. Albans (about half an hour away by train) to see Ed Byrne, this time an Irish comedian (though he lives in England), but also someone I'd probably not ever be able to see over here.    I actually liked his show better- for reasons I can't really describe.   It just is was it was.

So that's pretty much it.     It was a great trip.    I can't believe I've already been back a week.    I want to go back again.

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