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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Garden Notes

I have one solitary iris (though you can see behind this one that the Siberian iris are poised to go crazy any second now), so it's officially time to plant.

The above is the before shot, when I headed out at about 8:30 this morning- well before the heat of the day (it was about 85 where I was inland, not sure if it got that hot here).    The daffodils are well and truly gone by, so I chopped those all out.

I had the above to plant, between the rest of the seed starts (above), and some things I picked up at a garden store on my way home yesterday (below).

Here's the oregano and Thai basil, with last year's chocolate mint, which is the mint doing the least well of last year's mint.    I'm trying to decide if I just need to pull it out, to give the roots room to expand for this year.

I added marigolds into the tomato pots, and cauliflower next door.

In the last of the big pot row, I added some shishito peppers.    I also have some nasturtiums, sage, and some leftover mint.

And in the corner: regular thyme (only the lemon thyme survived from last year), leftover mint, regular basil, and some more cauliflower.

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