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Sunday, February 21, 2016

What a difference a little El Nino makes...

So this time last year, it was all snow and all cold, all the time.    I had a little PTSD coming into this winter, because things had gotten so bad, I couldn't bear the idea of doing it all over again.    Well, this year has been almost nothing like it.

Now, we did start on Monday morning with the coldest temperatures of the season.    (This is my normal temperature check while I eat by breakfast before work.)

This is twenty four hours later.    

And it gets better- by that evening, that is indeed a 53 degree temperature change.

So here's the 48-hour check.     Craziness.

It's Sunday again, and this weekend has been gorgeous.    Like my kitchen window is open gorgeous.    I know I really shouldn't be saying this, but right now, I love El Nino.

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