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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Garden Notes

It's begun!     I'm totally pirating multiple seed starting systems this year.     I wanted little pots, but still needed some larger trays, so I'm reusing the tray for the pods from last year.     Filling those with soil and getting it wet through took forever!

Here's the germination set up, on the relatively out of the way living room radiator.

I've got nasturtiums, blood sorrel, lacinto kale and Swiss chard.    My mother is also starting some shishito peppers and cauliflower because I only needed a few of those, and she has room to start more, and bring only a couple back to me.

And I also invested in one of these.     Which was perhaps a mistake searching for at work, on my lunch break.     Seriously, is anyone not hydroponically growing home pot these days?    The "Also Frequently Purchased With" selections on Amazon would lead you to believe that...

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