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Friday, November 27, 2015

Garden Notes

I've been a little under the weather since last Friday (hence the dearth of posts that I'm now trying to slam in over this weekend).     But the above was Monday night's Swiss chard harvest.     That's right, Monday, November 23rd.     Because it's been a really warm Fall.

Warm enough, that despite previous intention, the above is still hanging out in my garden.   I mean, the Swiss chard probably won't get to a full pizza's amount again, but it looks so good, I just can't bear to throw it out.     Maybe next weekend.    When it's, you know, December.

In other news, since I got plagued out last weekend, I finished the raking on Thanksgiving morning.   (We spent a glorious day doing nothing - I actually made macaroni and cheese for dinner).      This doesn't look like much, but it was seven bags worth.     So that's a 25 bag total year.    (My neighbor did help with a bag or two.)

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