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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinatas, CA

First off, this garden is in San Diego County, not San Diego itself.     Little bit up the coast actually.   In case you were planning a quick jaunt across town from your hotel room...

Second, this is where our membership at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden really pays off.    We get a reciprocal membership with the American Horticultural Society gardens, so we get into places like this, all over the country, mostly for free.   (In this case, we paid two bucks for parking.)    Such a good deal.

Third, you remember how California's in a major drought?    It actually rained for a day and a half while we were there - on this day.    The one day BF and I had by ourselves in the San Diego area.    Fortunately, we don't melt, so we got to see this garden in a fairly uncommon way.    The rain forest area actually looked rainy!

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