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Monday, September 7, 2015

Garden Notes

I have to say, I'm really impressed by the blood sorrel this year.     Last year, I started them right in the pot I intended to keep them in for the summer, and they didn't really do anything - never got past the point of the first leaves.   (Which are rounder and much lower to the ground than what you see here.)     This year, I started twelve seeds in six flats, thinned the weaker seedling in each flat, and the above is what I got out of that once they were planted.     They've been beautifully leaved all summer, and not needed much water.

The nasturtiums are better than I've had before, but the tomato cage (to give them something to grow against) didn't turn out quite how I wanted.    (Not that I really knew what I wanted.)    I had to trim out a whole bunch of dead shoots today, which were clearly visible because of the tomato cage.

My favorite growth habit for these is falling out of window boxes, but those work best with shorter varieties, which I didn't have much luck starting as seed this year.     So I guess I'll need to rethink that.    I do love the look of these flowers when they're done right.

And finally, the tomato plants are definitely as tall as last year's but not quite so luxuriant.    The yellow is definitely producing more than the red, but they're both doing well.     I do need to rethink the cages for these, too.     When I put the pots together, it's hard to get into the middle, and they did seem to vine into certain areas of the cages, so it's hard to get into some places.   I need to see if there's a way I can get these to separate out a bit better.    I should also separate the pots a bit, but that area will be so shaded I can't plant anything between them.   (Note the bonus self-seeded shiso in front - it looks lovely.)

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