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Monday, August 10, 2015

Postmodern Jukebox

I don't often write about music on here - we very rarely can justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on concert tickets, and it's the kind of experience I can't easily write about.   (Don't get me wrong, I love music.   I played flute for most of my school career, and minored in music in college.     It's just something I experience, and keep internally.)   Occasionally thought, I have enough of an experience that I have to talk about it.  

The BF and I came to Postmodern Jukebox by way of their cover of Lord's Royals.   (Featuring Puddles Pity Party - which is a whole other level of experience anyway).     Basically, they'll take current songs of pretty much any genre, and turn them into jazz/doo wop/really good early 20th century big band - you get the idea.

Now, experience the first for this concert, is that it was part of the L.L. Bean Summer Concert series.

It takes the green in the central campus of a store compound that literally never closes to pull off a free concert series where you can put out a lawn chair at 8:30 in the morning, and be reasonably assured that it will be there waiting for you when you come back at 6:30 that evening.     Our friend D works at Bean's, already had the schedule down, and he and A were planning on putting chairs out anyway, so we got really good seats, without trying.

Sadly, my shitty cell phone photos really don't do justice to the concert, but it was a blast.     My personal favorite was "Sweet Child of Mine" - scatted, and with a tap dancing "guitar" solo.   (A made the most fantastic half laugh/half cry when she realized what song it was.    It got a standing ovation from the Gen-X portion of the crowd.)     The tap dancer actually took a song to himself - medley that started with Salt n Pepa's "Push It".

The last song was Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off", which turned into a medley of songs where everyone was able to sing/play any song they wished.    See the bass player in the picture right above?   He sang the Sponge Bob Squarepants theme.

So, pretty much perfect evening.     We walked off with two cds, because really, it was the least we could to do throw some money at them.     I'm happy with didn't have to pay anything, but I'd also happily pay to see them in the future.

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