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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Damia - Anne McCaffrey

Furthering my reread of the Pegasus/Rowan books, I’ve moved on to Damia, which was actually my first experience with this series, back in the pre-internet days when it was harder to track down books that weren’t in bookstores, and you settled for what you got, even if it was out of sequence…

Damia is the Rowan’s daughter, and from a very early age, it’s obvious that her physic talents surpass those of her (impressive in and of themselves) parents.      This story also is the story of Afra – who is Rowan’s second in command, and starts out as the loco parentis of all of Jeff and Rowan’s children.     He and Damia eventually marry.

I was a bit nervous going into this book because I knew Afra and Damia were eventually going to hook up (no spoilers – it’s obvious from the back cover summary), and I was really unsure how that relationship was going to come across in my first read as an adult.      Thankfully, it avoided the creep factor.

This series is holding up better than the Pegasus series, probably because it was written later.

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