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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson

I really like how this book picks up a few centuries after the action of the Mistborn novels – society has changed and evolved due to what happened in those books – it’s really cool to see how that has changed, and what was brought forward from that older time.

The setting is part Old West, part Steam Punk.    Lord Waxillium has been summoned back to Elendel to take up the Lordship us his house after the accidental death of his uncle.   Wax has been out on the frontier, acting as a law man (the definite Old West influence).     He’s ready to give that up for the good of his house and everyone that depends  on him, but trouble has a way of finding Wax, and he finds out that the city can be just as dangerous as the Roughs.

I love how Sanderson puts his own spin on Old West technology, matching it up to the metal based magic of this world.     The book is left with some open questions at the end – I can’t wait to see how those are wrapped up.

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