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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Garden Notes

Garden clean up continues.    This time, it was the annoying variegated bush in the front yard.   Notice how it's poking through a hole in the shutter?    Well, it's under much better control now.

It's really amazing what a week of 70 degree weather will do.   I left for Florida on Sunday.   The daffodils were still going strong, and not a lot was sprouting.

I've had to put up the trellis - the clematis shot up about a foot in a week.    The daffodils have completely gone by - I dead headed them today.

The back yard pots are starting to sprout - most of them look to have survived the winter.    We're getting new neighbors at the end of the month, so these will be staying the back corner, out of the way of the way to the basement stairs, until they're all moved in.

And finally, my mother managed a very unique birthday gift this year - it's a shiitake mushroom log.    Assuming we can keep my landlord from carting it away as yard waste, I should have mushrooms next year.

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