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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Elements - Theodore Gray

This is a neat little book – it’s got pictures of all the known stable elements.    (Well, he’s stretching a bit for a few at the far end of stability, but there are also little write ups with each element to tell you why.)

So I’ve really been enjoying having the Kindle app on my Ipad.   It makes packing for trips soooo much easier.   (I mean, I used to have to figure in a book allowance into my luggage space.    Seriously. )     And I’m up over 50 ebooks in my collection now.     On deals, they’re cheaper than most used books.     But, they’re definitely not a perfect book replacement.     The formatting of this book is a perfect example.    I suspect, in real life, the elements are in one or two page spreads, and all the photos are next to each other.   In the Kindle version, you get the write up, and then separate pages for each picture.    The result is a little disjointed.   Not enough to take away the general interest of the book, but enough to remind me of why I’ll always love physical books.

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