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Sunday, April 5, 2015


April 1st
April 5th

The snowbanks are shrinking!    It's still a little depressing in the back yard, but it's getting better.    I can actually see bare ground back there now.     Heck, if you look really, really carefully below, you can see the composter sticking out of the large front snow bank.   (You can totally see it from our kitchen window on the second floor.     Too bad it's so hard to see from ground level.)

I can also report my own flowers in my own yard.     I can't tell you how depressing it was to get those so late.    It was only yesterday that all the snow finally melted out of the side garden (which is on the sunniest side of the house.)    When we got home on Tuesday, the front was still under at least a foot of snow, but the back had a drip line carved out from the roof, and you could actually see the crocus back there if you bent over far enough.     So I did technically have flowers in March, even if they were barely visible.

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