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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Garden Notes

The daffodils are fully out.   It is Spring!

So here's the status of the seed starts.   I have two kale.    The beets are so bad.   Swiss chard is a bit of a bust.   I'm going to have to thin the carrots and sorrel.    The cilantro and nasturtiums were a big, fat bust.    

I'm going to try some extra extra Swiss chard today, and maybe a few beets.   I think I'll save the nasturtium seeds for when I can get them out in an actual pot.

In other news, yesterday, I did manage to rake the back yard, so I'm at least down to a blank slate.    It has been a bit cold - the weather report mentioned we're about two weeks behind normal right now.    At least the snow is gone.

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