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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Adventures on a Friday Afternoon

Because I skipped the gym after work yesterday, I caught the tail end of the most excitement my neighborhood has seen as long as I've lived here (and frankly, hopefully longer).    Why yes, that is an idling, yet empty cop car blocking the entrance to my driveway.     (With his buddy doing the same to the house across the road.)

I had to walk up several streets to the action, but was able to get a partial story from one of the more local than me neighbors, who was milling about, next to the three local news network, and even an NECN reporter.

I'd skipped the gym to get a head start on my enormous to do list for this weekend.   Needless to say, adrenaline made sure that didn't happen quite as I'd planned.

In happier news, when I finally remembered to check my mail, I got a fantastic birthday present from my niece.     That did make the evening feel a lot better.


Jenn said...

My goodness!!!

Megan said...

Yep. It was definitely interesting.