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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quatrain - Sharon Shinn

This is a book of four novellas, set in four larger universes the author has written about.      I’ve not read any of her other books (my mother gave me this one), and I think this was a pretty good flavor of what her work is like.      There was only one of the stories that I felt like I would have liked a little more back story- the other three worked perfectly well as stand alone tales.

I think I liked the last two best – “Gold” – where the Crown Princess Zara is sent to the hidden kingdom of Alora when her kingdom is attacked, and “Flame”- the story of the fire mystic Senneth.

In “Gold”, the Alorians are basically fairy folk, and any human that goes to their realm usually never leaves.    Zara knows she needs to go back to Castle Auburn, but even a few weeks time is enough to test her will.      You can totally see the solution for this dilemma coming, but it’s still a satisfying story.

In “Flame”, Senneth is used to being a vagabond wanderer, but when visiting one of the few kinswoman that still speaks to her (mystics being generally distrusted because of their powers), she makes some new friends that actually don’t seem afraid if her, and agrees to come visit them.      What follows is a good twist on the typical making fearful strangers trust in power kind of story.    I liked it, and I wouldn’t mind reading more set in this universe.


Jenn said...

Her series about angels is actually pretty good. A little weird, but good!

Megan said...

That story was the one I felt like I needed more back story on. I liked it, but felt like I was missing something.

Jenn said...

You might find what you're missing in the series

I actually have Quatrain but have yet to actually read it...!