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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowmageddeon continues

So, let's add to the last entry:

2015-02-12: 1.3
2015-02-14: 1.9
2015-02-15: 0.4
2015-02-18: 0.4
2015-02-19: 5.8
2015-02-21: 1.4
2015-02-22: 0.1 (data ends here for now)

It's stopped being funny.    Granted, last Sunday was supposed to be a blizzard, and wasn't.   (Hilariously, York County got 18 inches and we got about five - my kind of cutoff line), but it still won't stop.    And it's still freaking cold.     Thank god tomorrow is March,and when the sun does manage to come out, it is much stronger.    Because if this doesn't end soon, I'm going to go crazy.

A few more pictures:

Can you see the holly bushes?

Click here for the depressing height contrast.

 Why yes, that is the non-drift part of the back yard even with the back porch deck...

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