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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pegasus in Flight - Anne McCaffrey

I decided I had to bite the bullet and finish out the second book of the Talent Saga, to see if it held up as well (or not, really) as the last had.     Fortunately, this book was written a good twenty plus years after To Ride Pegasus, and holds up much better than that one did.

This book is a continuous story, and takes place about two generations after the last book.    Talents are more established on Earth, and their value for certain work is recognized.     At the same time, people have pretty much over run the planet, so all of Earth is rushing to get  a space station built, as the first step in colonizing the stars.  

The book is also a bridge to the Tower and the Hive series, which brings the use of Talents to colonize space to its logical conclusion.     (This book and The Rowan – the first Tower and the Hive book were published the same year.)     That means that Talents are expanding, and they run into Peter Reidenger, the first telekinetic capable of moving entire starships by himself.

I will say, I’m still not sure the entire concept of this series holds up, but I was happy enough that I immediately grabbed The Rowan, so I could continue the ride.

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