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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Knitting Notes

In stash busting news, I realized that this Schaeffer Heather yarn I've been sitting on for ages is fingering weight, so I added it to the hexipuff pile.  (I'm really sad she retired - I did love that entire yarn line.)

I also cast on some Netherfield Socks, a pattern I've been sitting on for a while, with some Tess' Designer Yarns Super sock that I've also been sitting on for a while.    I'll be honest, I'm not sure I'll keep these on the needles.    The pattern is fiddly.    (It doesn't help that it's toe up, and I prefer the leg down patterns.)     The main stitch pattern isn't making sense to me, and it's driving me crazy that I have to knit across the foot first (I've several times had to pick out the pattern from those stitches and go again.)    I have several other patterns I've been sitting on that would not be as fiddly, so I may go with one of those, and  make sure I work out the stitch pattern first before I try these again.

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