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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Essential Guide to Color Knitting - Margaret Radcliffe

I don’t often review craft books, because I don’t often read them cover to cover – what I buy are mostly technique or pattern books, and while parts of those are readable, reading the whole thing is usually only something a sadist would do.  I do occasionally make exceptions.

One area of knitting I haven’t explored in much depth is color work – mostly because the idea of working with multiple skeins of yarn at once is not something I’m terribly interested in.    However, I was listening to the Knit Picks podcast one day, and Kelly talked about this book, and what a wonderful resource it was.     She talked it up enough, I tracked it down, and added it to my Amazon wishlist.     Well, guess what was in the year end blow out DIY themed Kindle Daily Deal day shortly after Christmas?     For 1.99 (maybe 2.99 – a steal either way), I couldn’t resist.

And this is a really good resource.    The author does touch on the more complicated color work with multiple skeins of yarn that I’ve been avoiding, but starts out with color theory, and ways to more strategically play with color in your knitting.     She even ends with a chapter on designing with color.     I’d say it’s a good read for any knitter that wants to better understand how to pick their own colors for making knitwear.

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