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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Knitting Notes

Here's my first project of the year, and it's a year long project: the Sky Scarf, by Lea Redmond.    It's really more of a method than a true pattern (it was originally a kit, but I'm doing my own).    Basically, I bought a whole bunch of Knitpicks Palette yarn in sky tones (blues, grays and one white with the slightest touch of blue to it), and you knit a garter stitch row for each day of the year, based on what the sky looked like that day.     You use two strands of yarn, so you can get a surprising amount of variability.    As you can already see, the year has started out sunny, but quickly faded to storm...

I cast on 38 stitches, it being my 38th year (bizarre thought).    Some people made a point of checking the sky at a specific point of day, but I'm winging that a bit.    I'm mostly going to go with what's happening in the morning, but I bought a great dark gray, so if there are any thunderstorms, no matter what time of day they happen, that gray's getting added...

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