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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

San Francisco, California

I really enjoyed San Francisco, even though we didn't get to do as much of it as we could have hoped, and even if the traffic getting out of there was probably worse than Boston.

Because we started out the morning at Tartine, we wondered around the Mission District, which was architecturally really cool, and the general vibe was also great.     We also checked out the playground at the Mission Dolores park, which definitely received my niece's seal of approval.

After that, we moved to more downtown, taking in a view of the waterfront and then moving up into the hills.   (C wanted to get a picture of the apartment where his daughter had lived a number of years back.)      Wow - those hills!   I have seen pictures of Lombard Street before, so I was aware of the hilliness, but it's an entirely different experience to actually be there.      They're crazy!

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