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Monday, December 29, 2014

Pistols for Two - Georgette Heyer

Read for the Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge.

This book of short stories was a perfect travel read.     It was also fun to experience her writing in a shorter form.     They’re probably even a little more mad cap than usual because she needed to pack so much into so few pages.      I’m also amazed how much action she’s able to pack into less space.     Heck, she managed to work in one of her hate at first sight turns into love stories, and I didn’t find it far-fetched!

My favorite story is probably the namesake (and first) story, which concerns two young men, best friends, who fall out over a girl, and back themselves into a duel.      Neither one actually wants to do it, of course, and their process over the night before the duel is beautifully written.    I also think I enjoyed it because her protagonists usually are women, and it was nice to have the focus be on some men for a change.

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