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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Books Started and Not Finished

1.    The Windup Girl – Paolo Bacigalupi
This is one of those scifi books that throws you straight into an advanced world with a lot of new tech, with weird names.   In this case, apparently all of the food sources in the world have been overrun with disease, so you can make a ton of money if you can find any variety of food that will still grow normally.
Couple that with about 100 different plot threads (ok, maybe five), and I just couldn’t.    The clincher came when I ended up going to bed really early one night, and didn’t read anything before bed.     The next night, I realized I hadn’t missed the story at all.    So that was that.

2.    The Silver Metal Lover- Tanith Lee
The Claidi Journals, except in early 80s scifi form.    Claidi drove me crazy with her whining, though I stuck out all four books because the setting was interesting.   I just couldn’t bring myself to do that again.

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