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Monday, November 10, 2014

Twilight's Dawn - Anne Bishop

This book of novella-sized stories rounds out the lives of the main characters of the Black Jewels books.    I’ll admit – I was a little surprised and pleased to see these.   

One thing about these books is that most of the characters are from some long lived races (the father figure is over 50,000 years old), but the woman that their life revolves around is short-lived – regular human life span, even though she’s technically the most powerful being in the Three Realms.     These stories actually go to the end of her life, and beyond, and show the fall out of others wrapping their lives around someone who will be in their lives for such a short period of time.   

I feel like there’s often a happily ever after feel to most stories of this kind, and to fully work out the ending to this series was actually really satisfying.   (Well, except for when the BF caught me crying on the couch.    I hate to be caught crying over books.     But really, that’s a pretty small problem in the grand scheme of things.)

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