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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shade's Children - Garth Nix

Read for the RIP Reading Challenge.

In the future, humanity has been enslaved by a race of Overlords that use people as the raw materials to construct their armies.   Children are harvested on their 14th birthday.

Occasionally, children do escape, and some find their way to Shade’s hideaway.    Shade was once a man, but is now a personality trapped in a machine.     His sole purpose is to fight the Overlords, but with his soul gone, is he truly committed to this war?

Four of Shade’s children have come closer to any others to finding the source of the Overlord’s powers, but with Shade’s true intentions in question, will they be able to bring about the Overlord’s downfall?

I’ll admit, this book is fairly depressing, as post apocalyptic stories go.       The future world is terrible, and Shade is not a great ally.     What the four children (young teens, really) are able to do together is rather impressive, considering what they’re up against.     I have trouble saying it’s truly an enjoyable read, but it is satisfying.

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