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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Ex-Pats - Chris Pavone

Read for the RIP IV Reading Challenge.

Kate’s husband has been given a fantastic opportunity to work for a bank in Luxembourg, an opportunity so fantastic that Kate quits her job, in order to take care of their two kids on this adventure of a lifetime.     Which seems perfectly normal, except that Kate works for the CIA.

When Kate first met Dexter, naturally, she’d checked him out, and he seemed like the one person in the world that she could trust, the one person with a spotless past, who really was all he seemed to be.    She’d made a resolution once they were married that she would never investigate him again.      But in this new life, things aren’t what they seem, and Kate finds herself breaking that promise, and investigating her husband.

This was a really cool story – at its heart, it’s really about marriage, trusting the person you married, and learning to roll with necessary changes in that relationship.     The spy aspect on top of it was a fun addition.    It’s told back and forth in time, which definitely kept the suspense up, as there were certain clues that would be revealed for the “present” that would then cast doubt on things you’d learned up until then in the “past”.     Definitely an interesting read.    (I have to add a shout out to the Northshire Bookstore employee recommendations – I never would have picked this up without that seal of approval.)

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Amanda said...

It sounds like this book uses a really interesting plot to explore a marriage. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks!