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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sewing Notes


I went as far as I could with the tee shirt muslin.     It was mostly a success.    I've verified that the pattern fit, and I identified a few things I could do at set up to make it easier to put together going forward.

I do have to revisit hemming.    There were some tricks in the video for how to do the sleeves, as well as how to do both sleeves and bottom hem without bunching.   (And I was using the walking foot, so that wasn't my biggest problem.)

I am most proud of the neck band.   Once I got my head screwed on straight and sewed the right sides together, it went together surprisingly well.   I can definitely see myself making more of this shirt.


Jenn said...


My eyes keep trying to make the pattern into cats...

Megan said...

It is a strange pattern. Technically camo, but something about the color combo makes it weird.