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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sewing Notes

I had made a bag to go with my coworker Mary's Evenstar shawl, which ended up being the perfect size to fit the family silver vase she was giving to his son and soon to be wife for their wedding.     Since I've been experimenting with bag design, I told her I'd be happy to make another, for purely selfish reasons.    So here it is.    The fabric I liked the most was a set of fat quarters I'd bought from Keepsake Quilting the first time I'd ever visited.    So it's two different fabrics, with a lining!    The lining is also the draw string tube.   (I need to wash this, so I haven't added that yet.   It'll be the same blue as the second fabric.)

I liked this design, except I still haven't figured out how to hem the tube edges.   I used fray block on this, and it folds in so you can't see the edges, but I have to come up with a better way of taking care of that.

I also started on a muslin of a knit scoop necked tee.    Which was going along swimmingly until I twice managed to screw up attaching the neck band.    At which point I decided that was a sign that I needed to set it aside for the day.    At least it was super easy up to that point.   Since scoop necks with long sleeves aren't available at my favorite supplier anymore, if I can make some that look good, that would make my life more pleasant.

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