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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

Read for the RIP IX Reading Challenge.

Mercy Thompson can’t catch a break.    This is the third book in the series.   After the first, she owed the vampires for their help with the werewolves, and now, after the second book, she owes the Fae for their help while she discharged her debt to the vampires.     That’s how she finds herself in the Fae reservation, in coyote form, helping to see if she can sniff out who killed five different Fae.

She quickly figures out the human killer, but when her Fae friend Zee goes to investigate, the human is already dead, and the rest of the Fae leave Zee as a sacrificial lamb when the humans find him with the dead body.     Mercy knows he didn’t do it, and despite everyone else asking her to stay away, naturally, she investigates.

I will say, I never saw the ultimate killer coming.     Definitely kept me guessing until the end.  

Side note: I still hate the covers.    I had company last week, and had to deal with a few sideways glances when they saw the book lying around.    The covers make the books look way trashier than they really are.

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