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Friday, September 26, 2014

Furthur Adventures in Domescity

I love how those lovely red crab apples created a psychedelic pink juice (which sadly the camera did not do justice too), and then calmed down into a lovely red jelly.    (Which the camera also did not do justice too - it look much more pink in the photo.)

This is the Old Fashioned Crab Apple Jelly from the Ball Complete Book of Canning.    This is the first recipe that had you make the juice as a separate exercise, and I admit, I liked that better.    I feel like I got more out of the mash by leaving it alone to drain.      And splitting it up into a two day exercise was more pleasant.

The one bad thing: does that look like six eight ounce jars?     This is the second time I've had a recipe from that book produce way less than it said it would.    Which in some ways, I don't mind - I do have to store this stuff after all.   But the difference does trouble me.

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