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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Monk's Hood - Ellis Peters

In this third Brother Cadfael book, a local landowner has given his estate to the Abbey, in exchange for them taking care of him and his wife for the rest of their lives.    Unfortunately, on one of his first nights there, he is murdered, killed by one of Brother Cadfael’s potions, that is normally used on aching bone, and contains monk’s hood.

To complicate matters, the man’s wife is the woman that Cadfael was once engaged to before he left for the Crusades.     It’s the first time he’s seen her since then, and she begs him to help prove the innocence of her son, who is the prime suspect in his step-father’s murder.

I do really like these books.   In this case, there’s a visit to Wales thrown in, as the murdered man’s estate borders Wales, so Cadfael is able to go to his home country.     It’s very interesting to follow inheritance in this time, and how it differs in England and Wales.    I also did not suspect who the murderer was, until Cadfael revealed them.     Definitely great reading.

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