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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Knitting Notes

The Coffee Bean Cardi being a gift, I've also cast on a hat to go with it.   This is Tinker, by Wooly Wormhead, and I'm using more of the unending stash of Classic Elite Renaissance in Cardinal.   This should actually be the last large scale project I can do with that yarn.    After that, it's just scrapes.

I've had to give up in the Hermoine Hearts Ron hat in the Dalegarn Falk I was trying to use up.   Despite going down a needle size, there still wasn't quite enough yarn for this project.   So close!!

I do really like the pattern though, and I was able to stop at Patternworks yesterday, where I picked up some more yarn in sufficient amounts to make the hat.   I'll just have to figure out something slightly smaller to do to use up the Falk.

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