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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Knitting Notes

Ok, let's try this again.    Here's Hermoine Hearts Ron, take 2.    Well, maybe three.   There were two versions in the old yarn, but I suppose those were 1.0 and 1.5.   

Oddly enough, I had cast on the original version in the correct needle size, or so I thought, because I swear I used size 2 16-inch circs.     Except I could not find them when I went back to my needle bag for a second go.    I thought maybe I'd managed the next size up, but when I tried with this yarn, I couldn't join the circle.     Very strange.

This is Classic Elite MountainTop Vista, in the Wolf colorway.    (The entire line is natural, undyed wool.)     When I found this at the story (at a really great sale, so I have two other colorways as well), it looked the same size as the Cascade 220 Sport I almost bought, so I assume it was sport weight as well, but it's categorized as worsted on Ravelry.    (I had no reception in Center Harbor, so I couldn't check there.    Believe me, I tried.)     So hopefully that doesn't end up being a bad thing.

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