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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knitting Notes

I was almost done with the Hermione Hearts Ron hat when I realized there was  no way I had enough yarn.    However, I had gone up a needle size to compensate for my tight knitting, and I was able to determine that the hat was plenty stretchy, so I went ahead and ripped it out, and restarted with the needle size the pattern actually called for.    The picture above is where I am now.    Not quite far enough along to see if I'll have enough yarn this time around, so my fingers are still crossed.

I have also been working on this Coffee Bean Cardigan.   I'm doing the 6 months size, but haven't gone up a needle size, so it may run a little small.     I'm using Quince and Co. Lark yarn in the Bark colorway as the main color, and some Cascade 220 for the red.   I also had a little bit of Quince and Co. Osprey in Peacock, which I thought made a nice contrast, so I've thrown that in a bit randomly.     I only have to do the button bands, but I'm definitely running low on yarn, so here's hoping this works as well.   I think I have enough to do the bottom band in red, and the top in the brown, so that's the current plan.

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