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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Toll-Gate - Georgette Heyer

Read for the Georgette Heyer Reading Challenge.

This book is madcap.    Pretty much no other way to describe it.   Mr. John Staple, lately returned from the Wars, where he was a captain, has been summoned with the rest of the family to celebrate his cousin’s engagement.    Bored out of his skull, he decides to visit a friend in the Peak District.   Unfortunately, on the way, he gets completely lost.     The first place he finds himself is a toll gate, manned only by a rather frightened 11-year-old boy whose father (the real toll collector) has gone missing.    Jack, smelling a rat, stays with the boy, and ends up uncovering a mystery involving the toll collector and the heir to the local squire.    Pretty soon, that family, a local highwayman, and a Bow Street runner are involved.

See what I mean by madcap?    I read through this one pretty quickly, because I just really needed to know what would happen next.     The mystery is finally solved, but I will confess, I was a bit disappointed by the ending.    There were some personal matters that could have used a little bit more wrapping up.     Still, I’ll rate this as one of my favorite Heyer books.

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