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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen

LibraryThing Early Reviewers book.

About a year after her husband passed away, one morning, Kate wakes up.    While she’s been out on autopilot, her mother in law has taken the reigns – getting Kate’s daughter Devin into a new school, and packing their house up to sell.     She’s even given Kate a new job in her real estate business.     But Kate’s awake now, and in the detritus of the soon to be sold house, she finds a post card from her great aunt, from Lost Lake.

Kate’s Aunt Eby has owned Lost Lake since the 50s, and Kate spent the best summer of her childhood there – until they left abruptly when Eby and Kate’s mother fought.    On a whim, Kate decides to take Devin there – a last blast before they settle into the new life that Kate’s mother in law has planned for them.  Things have changed in Lost Lake – Eby is ready to sell, but Kate and Devin’s arrival just might change that.

This is a really sweet story about loss, and letting your life go on.    More than just Eby and Kate’s lives are intertwined with the lake – and Eby’s decision to sell helps an entire town understand that nothing is truly lost.

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