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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gods and Myths of Northern Europe - H. R. Ellis Davidson

Read for the Once Upon a Time VIII Reading Challange.

While this book is now fifty years old, it’s still regarded as a good overview of Norse and German mythology.     

This is a scholarly work, so don’t go in expecting just stories.     There’s an overview of the Northern European worldview, and chapters dedicated to various gods.   (Odin and Thor get their own chapters – everyone else is grouped according to function.)     It’s quite accessible – I’d definitely recommend it if you want a greater background on characters you’ve heard of before.   (For instance, I didn’t realize that Thor’s wife is Sif, which lent me a whole new level of understanding to the current Marvel movies – not a comic book reader either, if that would have given me more depth of understanding.)

I’ll be keeping this book in my reference library – it’s one of those that’ll be good for checking into literary allusions to make sure I’m getting context.

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